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Doctor/Clara fic: Oh My Stars
Finally able to maneuver his way out of his time stream, the Doctor carried Clara into the long-dead console room. It unnerved him from minute one that this dead TARDIS had the same desktop theme as his current one. How far off could his death be? Laying Clara on the floor, he pushed those thoughts from his mind. Madame Vastra and Jenny rushed forward with Strax curiously waddling up behind them.
“Is she alright?” asked Jenny.
“Give her some air, darling,” said Vastra, gently pulling her back a step.
The Doctor barely heard them. He was focused only on Clara. He sat her up and held her face in his hands. “Clara?” Her eyes were screwed shut in pain. “Clara, can you tell me your full name?”
“Clara Oswin…” she breathed. “No, wait. Oswin Oswald? Clarabelle?”
“No, Clara. Open your eyes,” the Doctor begged. “Look at me.” She did. “You are Clara Oswald. Just Clara Oswald. Your parents
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 37 11
Doctor/Clara fic: A Different Parting
Summary: What if things went just a little bit differently at the end of The Crimson Horror
“But, Doctor,” Jenny pleaded, “Clara. You never explained.”
The Doctor clapped her on the shoulder and considered it. “No, I didn’t. And I can’t.”
“You can’t?” asked Madame Vastra.
“No, honestly. I don’t know why, but there is more than one of her in the universe.”
“Perhaps that deal you made,” ventured Vastra. “You save the world if the universe saves Clara.”
“I made that bargain in a fit of grief to a god I didn’t believe in,” he brushed it off. “The universe doesn’t work that way, not for me. In well over a thousand years, I’ve learned that. All it does is take.”
“But it gave her back,” said Jenny. “That Clara in there is living proof.”
“But, don’t you see? That’s what I live in fear of. Twice I met her
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 12 7
Show Me The Stars by neko-chan42 Show Me The Stars :iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 34 14 Red Rose of Passion by neko-chan42
Mature content
Red Rose of Passion :iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 41 8
Skyrim: Shannon Silverkin by neko-chan42 Skyrim: Shannon Silverkin :iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 7 1 While We Have The Time by neko-chan42
Mature content
While We Have The Time :iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 24 9
Loose Ends - Chapter 4
"Come out, cowards, and face your death!" shouted Leftenant Smythe as he and what was left of his men arrived at the barn.
"Cowards?" the Doctor called down. "Who's cowering? This is strategy!"
"So is this." Smythe nodded to some hay bales on the side of the barn and his men went to gather kindling.
The Doctor ignored this. "I'm only counting ten men there, Smith. You had thirty against thirteen and they whittled you down to ten?"
"They were slaughtered for their troubles," he sneered.
"Aye, but they took you down with them!" said Jamie proudly. "Can you not just admit that the English don't know how to fight and go home with what's left of your dignity?"
"We'll see how well you swine fight when you're burning." said Smythe as the men piled kindling at each corner of the barn. They lit it and lined up at the entrance. "You have a choice, Doctor. Burn to death slowly in your hideaway or come out and we'll grant you the mercy of a quick bullet."
"I think you're too narrow minded to see t
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 5 3
Loose Ends - Chapter 3
"That should do it," said Rory as he finished changing the bandages on one of the wounded. He got up and went over to Amy who was standing watch at the entrance. "I don't think he's gonna make it."
"I don't think most of them are," she said sadly as she looked around.
"So, this friend of the Doctor's; What do you think?"
"He seems like a nice enough bloke."
"Did they seem..." Rory wasn't quite sure how to put it.
"A bit... intimate?"
"There does seem to be some history there. That doesn't bother you does it?"
"No, of course not, it's just... he's married to our daughter."
"I don't think he would leave River. I think he just has some things to work out with Jamie."
"Yeah, maybe. I never did give him the 'If you hurt her I'll kill you' speech," he said half-joking.
Amy laughed, then she saw the Doctor running up the path with Jamie, Henry, and two other men.
"Shut the doors! Shut the doors!" shouted the Doctor as he ran in. They all heaved the barn doors closed and lay the plank
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 6 0
Sherlock: How to Say I Love You
Title: How To Say 'I Love You'
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock/John
Spoilers: A Scandal in Belgravia
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Sherlock belongs to Stephen Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle
Summary: Irene Adler imparts some final wisdom
They were standing on an airfield in Pakistan, him and Irene Adler. She was about to leave on a plane to America, full of homebound soldiers.
"I imagine this is the last time we'll ever see each other," said Sherlock.
"I imagine so," said Irene with all the sentiment Sherlock had, which was none, as they both liked to pretend. "Well… It's been fun. Thanks for saving my life."
"I was in the area," he lied.
She turned to go, but stopped. "You know when you told me you'd never begged for mercy in your life?"
"…Yes." Sherlock was confused as to what this had to do with anything.
"You have though."
"I have not," Sherlock scoffed.
"Yes you have. I saw you."
"In my sitting room. When they were going to kill John if you
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 80 25
Your Hand In Mine- Epilogue
Sestrin poured his morning glass of mara juice and took it to the table. He read over the morning news as he took his first sip. Suddenly the words on the page began to blur and he felt his throat begin to close up.
"Hello father." The Master stepped out of a corner on the far side of the room.
"Son!" gasped Sestrin. "Help me."
"You know, I searched for decades for what killed my mother. Before she died she was nursing a tree in the public gardens. A willow tree, from Earth."
"You see, what I didn't know is that she always gave you samples of her plants for your chemistry experiments." He held up a vial. "This simple little extract from the bark of that tree is what you found. It seems so innocent, doesn't it? They use it to cure headaches on Earth. Put it in a medicine called aspirin. But to Time Lords?" he tutted. "Absolutely toxic. It even prevents regeneration. You gave mother small doses over the course of a week. Made it look like an illness. That's the difference betwe
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 13 13
Your Hand In Mine- chapter 9
Theta helped Koschei out of the TARDIS. He was still screaming. Sometimes words, sometimes just sound. He wasn't making much sense. There was a crowd of officials waiting for them outside. Theta looked around. Of all the places he could have landed, he landed in the Panopticon.
"My TARDIS!" he heard Sestrin yell. He rushed forward. "I should have known it was you who took it!" he yelled at Theta.
"Nevermind your TARDIS," said Theta, "What about your son?!"
"My son! He's regenerated! You've regenerated my son! You little monster!"
Some councilmen came forward and took Koschei away.
"Theta!" he yelled "THETA! Don't let them take me!"
"What you've done is very serious."
Theta stood in the Castellan's chambers awaiting judgment, but all he could think about was Koschei.
"I don't have to tell you that," continued the Castellan. "Otherwise you wouldn't be talking to me. You were not directly responsible for your friend's regeneration, so the charges basically come down to the
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 10 8
Mature content
Your Hand In Mine- chapter 8 :iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 12 2
I Have Pictures of All Your Faces
Title: I Have Pictures of All Your Faces
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/River
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to Stephen Moffat, Russel T. Davies, and the BBC
Summary: "I'm on my third body," said River "Which one are you on?"
A/N: There might already be another fic with this title. If so, I'm sorry. I'm also sorry it's so short.
They were sitting in the TARDIS library in front of the fireplace giggling and drinking cocoa, when the conversation found its way to the subject of regeneration.
"So which one are you on?" asked River.
"I'm sorry?"
"Well, I'm on my third body. Which one are you on?"
It was still early in their relationship from her point of view. She didn't know him inside and out the way she one day would. "I'm on my eleventh." he said somewhat reluctantly.
She gasped comically. "Cradle robber."
"Don't tease," he said. "Anyway, at my age you could say that about anyone I might date. …Except Jack."
"Who's Jack?"
The Doctor smiled. "Oh, he'd like you." then he t
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 35 9
Lovers Past
Title: Lovers Past
Characters/Pairings: Ten II/Rose (discussion of Doctor/others and Rose/others)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to Stephen Moffat, Russel T. Davies, and the BBC
-WARNING!!!!- This fic alleges that the Doctor has been in love with other not-Rose people at one time. Some of them men *GASP* You may not agree with all of them, but I don't want to hear any complaining about it
They were lying in bed one night. Not quite yet drifting off, still holding each other, when Rose asked, "Doctor?"
"How many times have you been in love in your life?"
The Doctor's eyes popped open. After a moment of thought, he said, "This is a trap."
Rose laughed. "It's not, honestly. I really want to know."
The Doctor looked into Rose's eyes. "Rose, you're the love of my life. You know that, right? If I had to choose between all the people I've loved and you…"
"Doctor, no. You don't have to say that," Rose said quickly. "It's just… You've lived a v
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 16 12
Loose Ends - Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The Doctor ran outside followed by his friends. The man who'd been writing up the list of the dead ran towards them.
"What happened?" asked the Doctor.
"We're being attacked!"
"But, the rest of the Redcoats should be in Inverness by now," said the Doctor.
"Aye," answered the man, "That's where they will have followed the rest of the Highland brigade to."
"Yes. Why didn't you go with them?"
"Some were too wounded to make the journey. Besides, someone had to collect the bodies for proper burial."
"Right. What's your name, incidentally?"
"Henry, sir. Of the MacGregor clan."
"Thank you, Henry. I'm the Doctor. Is there anywhere the wounded can hold up?"
"I've instructed the women and the wounded to head for the barn a quarter mile south of the village."
"Why are they attacking?" asked Jamie. "The battle's over! We retreated! They decimated us! Isn't that enough?!"
"I don't know, Jamie," said Henry. "One more thing. I hadn't told the men yet, but I received word this morning. The p
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 8 7
Loose Ends - Chapter 1
Title: Loose Ends (1/3?)
Characters/Pairings: 11/Jamie, Amy/Rory (mentions 2/Jamie and 11/River)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to Stephen Moffat, Russel T. Davies, and the BBC
Summary: The Doctor reunites with one of his oldest friends, but there's some unscheduled history happening.
Chapter 1
The Doctor knocked. He didn't have to wait very long before the door was opened. "Happy anniversary!" he shouted to Amy.
She smiled, "How did you know?"
The Doctor looked affronted. "I was at your wedding! What do you mean 'how did I know'?"
"Did River tell you?"
"Yes," he admitted. "She said she got you tickets to Venice last year, because that was your first trip in the TARDIS together."
"That was two years ago."
"Yes, but I can do her one better! I'm going to take you to Astaria! The most beautiful pleasure planet there is. Beaches, spas with those little…cucumbers," he gestured to his eyes. "How's that for a third anniversary?"
"It's our fifth," she teased.
"Yes, well, even b
:iconneko-chan42:neko-chan42 10 6


Love Den by IntroducingEmy Love Den :iconintroducingemy:IntroducingEmy 1,122 83 Doctor Who by theheadlessgirl Doctor Who :icontheheadlessgirl:theheadlessgirl 18 1 Fire and Ice by Rose--Nebula Fire and Ice :iconrose--nebula:Rose--Nebula 9 2 Dimension Hopping Web Of Fear by Rose--Nebula Dimension Hopping Web Of Fear :iconrose--nebula:Rose--Nebula 6 2 What is that? by Rose--Nebula What is that? :iconrose--nebula:Rose--Nebula 5 4 The End Of Your Life Has Already Begun by luluha The End Of Your Life Has Already Begun :iconluluha:luluha 86 12 He's Back by LicieOIC He's Back :iconlicieoic:LicieOIC 18 0 Target Acquired by aquanut Target Acquired :iconaquanut:aquanut 146 10 The Captive's Vision by aquanut The Captive's Vision :iconaquanut:aquanut 318 29 I Am Moana of Motunui by droppingravityfalls I Am Moana of Motunui :icondroppingravityfalls:droppingravityfalls 142 24 Ariel by elirain Ariel :iconelirain:elirain 147 4 Megara by MaxiePerlberg Megara :iconmaxieperlberg:MaxiePerlberg 81 5 Mermay without Ariel is not a good Mermay by MrRabLo Mermay without Ariel is not a good Mermay :iconmrrablo:MrRabLo 99 9 Guardians of the Galaxy : Gamora 8 by Amapolchen Guardians of the Galaxy : Gamora 8 :iconamapolchen:Amapolchen 52 1 Disney Princess/Heroine - Pocahontas by Kachumi Disney Princess/Heroine - Pocahontas :iconkachumi:Kachumi 76 4 Disney Princess/Heroine - Jasmine by Kachumi Disney Princess/Heroine - Jasmine :iconkachumi:Kachumi 207 18




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